"Selling starts with believing in the product"

Covering your basis

If you have a great product but somehow it has yet to find success in Belgium, than you clearly need some Mokita in your life.

The basis for all following actions is an analysis of the market and defining a strategy for long term growth. This strategy will be supported by a passion for the brand that matches yours own. As in any relationship there must be Mutual trust and love; which is way we take our time selecting our partners and preparing.


Because we chose to remain small, there is no such thing as a standard service. What is standard for us, is to do whatever it takes to succeed in selling your product. Because let's not forget, in the end it is all about finding the perfect store that matches your brand and sells your products.

Needing just a little bit more

Just covering your basis might not be enough for the desired market in Belgium. 
This can be because of:

  • Expectation for shorter lead times
  • Need for smaller quantities
  • Quality of logistical services

In that case, the situation calls for a small wholesale operation. And if the situation calls, Mokita always answers.

By operating from a local stock, we can delivery fast and for smaller quantities. This lowers the treshold for new customers and can speed up growth to start with.  It eleviates stress for you as your last worry is when it leaves production meaning you can sit back and watch your brand grow!

The finishing touch

If we have the right stores in place and product is available but expectations are still not being met; than it is possible we need to add the finishing touch. We will take on local marketing and provide you with a clear roadmap to achieve your targets more easily. Depening on your organisation we can execute the roadmap or work with your team to do so.