It is our mission to make each home warmer by bringing unique brands to Benelux. 
Each day an inspiration because it is filled with placing qualitative products in stores which are owned by passionate people.
This is exactly why we love what we do.


Quality with a twist that is what we stand for.
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Ørskov & Co. represents good craftsmanship, beautiful colors and classic designs made by Danish designers.

The philosophy has always been to produce functional designs at reasonable prices.


A clear focus on consciousness and honest business practices in everything we do, from handcrafted products to supply chain transparency and sustainability.


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Canova has a factory based in the beautiful Herefordshire (UK) countryside, where they still individually hand pour all candles and diffusers. Their way of working ensures an extremely accurate fragrance dosage and a consistently high quality product. Add a multi-brand mixture, playfull packaging to the mix and Canova can be the highlight your store deserves.


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LIKEconcrete is a Danish Design company that pushes the boundaries for products made of concrete. They develop, produce and sell high-end products in concrete. The products are designed by both young upcoming and well-known international designers that create unique and beautiful products in Nordic style. Everything is made in Denmark by people who love concrete.


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deelive represents the very best of Czech interior design.

They invest in what peaks their eye which are those special items that combine a witty idea with precise execution.
It is that way, deelive’s products are distinguishable in their uniqueness and perfect workmanship, using only the highest quality materials. All products have been designed by known designers, made by Czech craftsmen, and offer an incomparable design experience.


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