Designer: Linda Vrňáková

A handcrafted rocking chair that will take you to ta holiday destination of your dreams. Designed to  gently relax the body and mind, Lefkada soothes the muscles with proven therapeutic techniques.

Available in 1 size
2 colours (white or black frame)


Designer: Petr Hák

Minimalist shelving system that plays with contrast, detail and mood. Projecting the quality of being both fragile and stable. The metal and wood system is humble and bold at the same time.

Available in different set-ups from 1:1 to 2;4

Available in 15 sizes
2 colours (black and white)


Gradient bottle series available in multiple colours. Shaped by experience glassblowers and serves as a vessel for anything from milk to brandy. Each bottle is toppped with a round cork.



Available in 1 size
5 colours


Designer: Martin Žampach

New glassware to grace your dinner table? The elegant Bulb collection made from handblown clear glass is perfect for fresh mint lemonade, spring water or prized vintage Merlot. Choose from a carafe, wine glass or water glass.


Available in 7 varations


The driving force behind this collection is simplicity, intuitive construction and ease of assembly. The collection was designed to be assembled without tools with individual parts fitting together seamlessly. Ondule is the crown jewel of any room inside or out.

Available in 2 sizes
4 colours (light grey, black, blue and brown red)


Designer: Michaela Bogyiová

A clean minimalist light, Gelampe will prove a great companion wherever and whenever needed. A thin metal tube conceals the cable, lending the lamp a delicate air. Thanks to its simplicity, Gelampe is suitable for any interior.

Available in 1 size
1 colour


Designer: Studio Muck

The Hex Candlestick was inspired by the purity and perfection of the hexagon, an element featured prominently in castles and chateaus. The holder allows you to explore what awaits at the end of the hall

Available in 1 size
3 colours (brass, nickle and black zinc)


Designer: Petr Hák

A textile cable, a smooth wood coupling, a geometric metal lampshade - all three materials are on show with no visible joinery. Each colour has its own wood combination.


Available in 3 sizes
3 colours (copper, white and black)