As a small consultancy firm, our focus is solely on maximizing the impact we have.
Our mission is simple:


"We help entrepreneurs grow"

How we do it is less of a one-liner and more depending on what you and your company require at this time.

It ranges from a pure theoretical excerise to a practical interim position, training your people or just solving (some) of your problems hands-on.


As we all have our own culture, challenges and wishes, we would like to invite ourselves to discuss over a hot cup of coffee.

If not for a partnership, it will at least bring new perspectives to your business.

Core Services

Strategy Determination

  • Have a business that you would describes as "it works" but not sure what the following years will bring you?
  • As a mid-sized company, you don't have the benefit of sparring with a management team and would like a sparring partner?
  • Is it time to have a critical look at why and how you are doing business?

Then this could be for you. We help you, and your team to move from the large pool of ideas you have to an actionable strategy. Using workshops, sparring sessions and market research, we assist in determining your future.


Commercial Planning

  • Having the feeling you are missing out on sales?
  • Did you invest in your salesforce but not seeing the result?
  • Trying to go towards new markets but not quite sure how?

All topics we handle through our commercial planning trajectory. Over the course of minimal 4 sessions we create your complete commercial plan. Meaning what markets/consumers do we target, how do we reach them and which skills do you/your team need to do this. When the situation calls for it, we as well look at your marketing budget and how we can improve the return on marketing.

We understand! Above sounds interesting but you are not sure how this would work for you.

The only way to find out is to get together and talk about it with the one certainty you have is that we will be honest.

So let's talk