Great people & strong brands are what inspire us

I know you are thinking, what a cliché, however more than a cliché, it is at the top of our motivational chart. As now, after two years we launch our website to support our growht, this first post gives more insight in why we originally started. In futur posts we will discuss new suppliers, products or some of our extra-ordinary customers.


Now back to the task at hand: The reason we started Mokita was because we were inspired by the countless store owners and like-minded design enthusiasts. All of them looking for a differentiating factor, even though with a different meaning all together. 


For enthusiasts it was a way to add to the uniqueness of their home and to show their character. The stores are mainly looking for a way to outsmart its colleagues by being the only one with a product or at least the first.  


During travel and browsing both, we came across so many products that gave us exactly that "WOW!" which we were looking for. However a lot of times those products were not supported or deliverable in the Benelux. Hence the idea to start an agency that works as wholesaler/agent/marketing firm. Why all three ? Simple, because we are all about the product. And whatever way we can help that product reach its potential is fine by us. When writing this is, it is easy to see why we are still inspired daily...